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Company Cafe has always been one of Dallas' favorite destinations for brunch.
Our cozy little café has consistently offered undeniably great brunch food and boozy drinks for over five years.
That's why we love to say: we are brunch.

Now, that we have conquered the brunch scene, it's time for us to claim something else: happy hour
With that goal in mind, we introduce to the world:
The Company Mixer.


| MIX |

We feel that happy hour should be a little bit more than just cheap drinks . We imagine a world where people head to the bar to not only a have an after work drink, but a place to meet new friends. We imagine a place to unwind, relax, and mingle.


| drink |

It's not a true happy hour without great drinks at a great price.
Whether you're in the mood for a glass of wine, a crafted mixed drink, or simply a cold beer, we've got something for you.

  • $2 house wine
  • $2 wells
  • $5 cocktails
  • $2 domestics

| eat |

Ever since the first day we opened our restaurant doors we have offered delicious clean comfort food with a gluten-free twist. Years later, we still pursue that same goal. So naturally we offer something different from the standard bar food: The $10 Mixer Buffet.
Our $10 buffet will be fully stocked to keep you satisfied and every night we offer a different style of food. 

  • Thursday (3:30 pm - 8 pm): Italian Food
  • Friday (3:30 pm - 8 pm): Tex-Mex
  • Saturday (5:30 pm - 10 pm): American

| listen |

Every Saturday evening from 7 pm to 10 pm... 
The talented Mr. Vic Javeri brings out his guitar and plays us some tunes.

You can expect to hear some rock and blues classics and you will likely find yourself singing along.